Another Junkie Died Today
Another junkie died today,
his blood steaming, cooling, in
Pittsburgh’s winter streets.
The pale, blue, afternoon sky,
moving too soon into night,
settled darkness on the day,
and on the junkies’ life.
This all-too-common narrative,
the background noise of our lives,
fails to stir our outrage.
Crawling on top of the man,
as he gasps his last,
his seven-year-old son.
They die together, son cradled
in father’s embrace.
Both riddled with bullets.
And still, the community fails
to find the outrage.
A black man’s death means
nothing to a society conditioned
to judge his worth by his vice.
The death of his son means
even less.
— Ron Sparks 01/03/18
Ron Sparks

Ron Sparks

Science Fiction & Fantasy Author
Ron Sparks is a science fiction and fantasy author and poet. His book "ONI: Satellite Earth Series Book 1" was recently published and is available on For more info on Ron, see:
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