Anxiety Haibun

You’ve been here before. You woke up today and realized that the stress, the angst, and the foreboding that you’ve allowed to rule your life is there by choice. You’ve gotten lost in the spiral of anxiety, again.

If it’s not your health, it’s your money. If it’s not the money, it’s your kids. If it’s not your kids, you’re worried about past life choices and how they will affect you tomorrow. Your fears line up at the door, wrap around the block, and await their turn. Your door is open to them all and you don’t deny them. You let them in.

Once they are inside, you wrap your fears around you. They’re a welcome smothering; a wearying security blanket of trembling phobia. They are as familiar to you as they are distressing. These constant, restless, companions are more comfortable than the unknown.

Today, though, you stare at the line of fears and realize that something is missing. Happiness. Contentment. Acceptance. These are conspicuous in their absence. And you remember an old Cherokee tale. You have two wolves engaged in eternal battle inside you; one is fear and anxiety and the other is peace and serenity. The strongest is the one you feed and you’ve been feeding the wrong wolf.

You’ve done this your entire life in a self-centered, selfish, guilt-ridden, indulgent, fashion. You wallow in the darkness because you’re afraid you don’t deserve the light.

You know you’ll feed the right wolf today. But can you do it tomorrow?

mighty river;
the fish navigates
​as it will
Ron Sparks

Ron Sparks

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Ron Sparks is a science fiction and fantasy author and poet. His book "ONI: Satellite Earth Series Book 1" was recently published and is available on For more info on Ron, see:
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