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Shedding the Ghost of Cancer


Two days on the road, two thousand miles on my motorcycle. Hard miles; my ass so sore that every bump in the road brings biting pains up my back and down my legs. I’m riding alone. No highways. No hotels. Camping in fields and eating in greasy diners. Seeing the America not available to the Interstate. The real America. I’m rough riding across the continent and this isn’t a mid-life crisis. I’m...

Anxiety Haibun


You’ve been here before. You woke up today and realized that the stress, the angst, and the foreboding that you’ve allowed to rule your life is there by choice. You’ve gotten lost in the spiral of anxiety, again. If it’s not your health, it’s your money. If it’s not the money, it’s your kids. If it’s not your kids, you’re worried about past life choices and how they will affect you tomorrow. Your...

Slave Race


Rel’lika looked at his new slave and wondered. Unlike slaves from the other ninety-three races the Yralen had subjugated, this particular slave refused to be broken. He was the hardest-working slave Rel’lika had ever owned – of that there was no doubt. Yet the slave defied him in subtle ways. He moved just a little too slow when responding to orders. He often forced Rel’lika to summon him twice...

The Day We Lost Earth


We had almost no warning. Sensors picked up their blue shifted transition into normal space as they entered the Oort Cloud. It took the invaders a mere three months to reach Earth from that point. Every attempt at communication went unacknowledged. The closer the invader got, the more desperate and frenzied the communications attempts became. It was obvious that their technology was superior to...

Ron Sparks Author, Poet

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Ron Sparks

Ron Sparks is a technology professional, science fiction and fantasy author and poet living in Zurich, Switzerland. His latest book "ONI: Satellite Earth Series Book 1" is available on


A man of many passions, I lay claim to a myriad of interests and hobbies. Among them, I am an amateur astronomer, an avid motorcycle rider, a whiskey aficionado, a (poor) surfer, a scuba diver, a martial artist, a student of philosophy, a proponent of critical thinking, a technologist, an entrepreneur, a cancer survivor, and I harbor a lifelong love of science fiction and fantasy. Feel free to strike up a conversation on the social networks below.

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