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Cancer is a Terrorist


On September 11, 2001 a group of determined terrorists shocked, horrified, and angered the nation by killing over 2,000 people on our own soil.  America found out that where we thought we were safest, we were vulnerable.  We learned that where we thought ourselves strong, we were weak.  It was a critical blow to our national self-image, pride, esteem, and suddenly and abruptly ended our days of...

TSA – I Told You So


I told you so.  In March of 2010 I blogged about how Airport Body Scanners Violate My Rights.  I decried their use, told you they were unconstitutional, and expressed concerns over privacy and how invasive they are. Now that the holiday season is here, the backlash against the TSA is in full swing.  The rollout of the body scanners has turned into the disaster that I predicted – and I...

Airport Body Scanners Violate My Rights

Airport Scanners Violate My Rights

Take a look at the image on the right. That, my friends, is what an airport full-body image scanner shows. You can clearly see every . . . single . . . inch of the person in the scanner. His chest. His navel. His butt-crack. His penis. His testicles. You can see it all. This is what awaits you at the airport. I find it offensive and despicable. Airport full-body scans are just strip searches and...



I’ve been asked quite often how I feel about abortion.  Should a woman have a right to choose?  At what point does a fetus become a human and when is it morally acceptable to terminate a pregnancy? I am inevitably asked because the person asking is looking for support for their position.  They are rarely pleased with my answer, because I never answer exactly as they would expect.  Pro...

Blind Patriotism Is Rampant


Patriotism is defined, by, as  “devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.” That’s it; that’s all there is to the definition of patriotism.  There is no sub-clause in that definition stating that a patriot must support the troops in the exact same fashion as the vocal majority or minority.  There is no clause that demands a patriot must...

Is Crashing A White House Party Criminal?


hey have a flair for the dramatic. They are glory-hounds. They shamelessly seek notoriety and fame. The Salahi's crashed a White House party they were not invited to, mingled with the political elite, and even shook hands with the President himself. What they did was definitely ill-advised and showed poor judgment - but are they criminals?

Is Sexting Child Pornography?


When I was a kid we had Playboy Magazine. We would pay a wino to go into 7/11 and buy us Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, or whatever adult material we were too young to buy. We had mirrors on our shoes. This was back when girls still wore skirts to school. Some genius would steal his mom’s compact and tie it to his shoes and try to get a peek at the female goods before school, at lunch, or...

Controversial Cartoons


This cartoon, printed in the New York Post by cartoonist Sean Delonas has stirred up a huge controversy, as most of you are already aware. According to many, it is a cartoon that is not just a denouncement of Obama’s stimulus plan, but it is also filled with racial undertones. In the cartoon, two police officers stand over the bullet-riddled body of a chimpanzee, with one officer stating...

Who Polices the Police?


The Florida Highway Patrol arrested a man for violently resisting arrest last night when he was pulled over on I-4 near SeaWorld in Orlando. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Wrong. Read the story here and see if you can read between the lines. If you missed the barely touched on point in the story let me elucidate: The man was pulled over for speeding. By the cop he was behind on I-4. That...

Acts of Sedition


For many years, I had a great friend by the name of Chaz Stevens. We met when I lived in South Florida, hit it off on many levels, and stayed friends and professional colleagues for over a decade. His personality is 180 degrees from mine. Where I am reserved, he is flamboyant. Where I am cautious he is reckless. I always envied him that. Man – we had the best debates and late-night...

Ron Sparks Author, Poet

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