Ron Sparks Solution Architect, Author, Poet


Easter Weekend Surfing


So far I’m holding true to the promise I made myself. When I sick from chemotherapy, weak from radiation, unable to walk across the house from malnutrition weakness, I promised myself that when I got better I would spend as many weekends as I could at the beach. In the past four weeks I have been to the beach three times. The beach has always been one of my “sacred sanctuaries.”...

Surfing Again!


Last night Carey and I spent the night at a hotel on Cocoa Beach. We found ourselves in the extremely unusual potion of having no children. Matthew and Christopher were at their bio-mom’s for the week and Ashlee spent the night at her grandparent’s house. That left Carey and I childless. Alone. We immediately took advantage of the situation and booked a hotel on Cocoa Beach We tried...

Ron Sparks Solution Architect, Author, Poet

Ron Sparks

Ron Sparks is a technology professional, science fiction and fantasy author and poet living in Zurich, Switzerland. His latest book "ONI: Satellite Earth Series Book 1" is available on


A man of many passions, I lay claim to a myriad of interests and hobbies. Among them, I am an amateur astronomer, an avid motorcycle rider, a whiskey aficionado, a (poor) surfer, a scuba diver, a martial artist, a student of philosophy, a proponent of critical thinking, a technologist, an entrepreneur, a cancer survivor, and I harbor a lifelong love of science fiction and fantasy. Feel free to strike up a conversation on the social networks below.

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