Fleecing Me For A Fiver
his hipster beard –
mandatory accessory for this
gentrified borough of Pittsburgh –
leads him back and forth
from the kitchen to the tables
he serves more tables than he should
I wait too long for my
overpriced salad
as he drops a plate of greasy wings
in front of a table of oblivious
professionals who
judge him
find him wanting
without ever looking up from their phones
a small bead of sweat accompanies him
when he drops off my check
I pay with a twenty and he brings me back
a ragged five and a one-dollar bill.
I know what he did. Fuck.
god damned hipster server trying to fleece me
playing on social pressure
betting on pocketing that faded fiver
that he did not earn from me.
I force him to break that Lincoln
I tip three bucks
because I damned well won’t let him get the best of me.
my indignation is an all-American righteousness
so much so that I forget –
forget I paid four times what the salad was worth
forget he doesn’t see a penny of that profit
forget that he makes less than three bucks an hour
forget that without tips he won’t make rent
I forget all of this in my pride at catching a huckster
who just wants to keep the lights on
one more day
— Ron Sparks
Ron Sparks

Ron Sparks

Science Fiction & Fantasy Author
Ron Sparks is a science fiction and fantasy author and poet. His book "ONI: Satellite Earth Series Book 1" was recently published and is available on Amazon.com. For more info on Ron, see: https://www.ronsparks.com/about/
Ron Sparks

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