It’s Not Me; It’s You

I ghosted you. Cut off communications. Blocked you on Facebook. Or maybe unfriended you. I deleted your comments on my threads. I cut you off of Twitter. I don’t return your calls or your texts. And you wonder why.

Don’t worry; it’s not me. It’s you.

You voted for, and continue to support, a racist. A man who calls people of color “dogs.” A man who praises other racists and bigots. A man who has a decades-long history of racist behaviors. This is not ok.

You voted for, and continue to support, a bigot. A man who dehumanizes people who are not white Americans, calls them animals, killers, and rapists because those terms sit well with you, his white evangelical base. This is not ok.

You voted for, and still support, a misogynist. A man who denigrates women. A man who claims that, as a celebrity, he can “grab them by the pussy.” This is not normal. This is not ok.

You support a cheater. A man who has not been faithful to any of his wives. A man who pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to hush his extra-marital affairs. This, too, is not ok.

You voted for, and support today, a liar of monumental proportions. More than any other candidate, or public servant, this man lies, twists the truth, and peddles his own warped version of reality – and you are ok with it. But it’s not ok.

You put a man in office who thinks climate change, and science itself, is a matter of opinion – and you support him today. A man who tears down the institutions of science in this country for personal and political economic gain. This is shortsighted, dangerous, and – you guessed it – not ok.

You voted for, and continue to support, a bully. A man whose approach towards any criticism or questions of which he does not approve is to attack, beat up, and insult openly and aggressively. We don’t tolerate this in our children, and yet you praise the bully. This is disgusting. And not ok.

You support a man who is the literal antithesis of your Christian values. A man who lies, cheats, bullies, denigrates others, whips people into a frenzy of hatred – and somehow still consider yourself devout and Christian. A man who epitomizes everything a Christian is not. Your support is not Christian. This is hypocrisy, and it’s not ok.

You voted for and support a vile human being, rationalizing it by saying “at least it wasn’t the corrupt woman” even as his corruption, and perhaps even treason, shakes our democracy to its core. This is dangerous, and is not ok.

You say you “don’t support everything” he does, but your silence makes you complicit. You share racist, hateful, inaccurate memes, articles, and opinions on social media and get genuinely offended when called out on them. You are not normal.

You wonder why I don’t associate with you anymore. You claim you are a victim and that the “liberal media” has painted you unfairly.

But you voted for this man. You support him even now. Because anyone is better than the black man or the woman, right? You have a thousand equivocations on why you made the right choice. You have a book of rationalizations that make you feel better. But in the end you voted for this man. A disgusting, vile, human being with no redeeming qualities. It’s not ok, and it’s an ugly reflection of who you are.

Everything I said above is 100% true – this is who he is – and you don’t care. You would never associate with a person like this in your daily life, and yet you voted for him. This is not ok.

So yeah – it’s not me. It’s you.

You are a broken human being. And I want nothing to do with you. Now you know. Go find some human decency, some compassion, and some perspective and then come back to me.

Until then, just go away. You’re not ok.

This post is a copy of the rant I placed on Facebook recently.

Ron Sparks

Ron Sparks

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