The Misfits of Magic

The Misfits of Magic, and urban fantasy by Ron Sparks

A Serial Urban Fantasy by Ron Sparks

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Story 1: It’s a Scorcher

Meet Gale, a human psychologist who insists there is a well of untapped business in being the only psychologist to specialize in supernatural creatures.  Unfortunately, business is slow and his first client almost literally scares the shit out of him.

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Interlude: Silent but Deadly

Cynthia, Gale’s first real client and a teenaged vampire, convinces Gale to recall the most evil act he has ever committed.

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Story 2: Shop ’till you Drop

In this episode, Gale is doing the domestic thing and shopping for groceries when he is accosted by a mummy, a zombie, and two of the supernatural world’s powerful enforcers, who deliver a chilling warning to him.

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