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After last week’s debacle with @FlotillaOnline, where I asked about his ubiquitous use of pinging anyone who uses the hashtag #SciFi with this:



I was promptly labeled as “angry” and “sad” and blocked for asking him if he had even looked at my profile before he sent that message.  (If he had looked, he wouldn’t have had to ask that question and we could have had an actual meaningful dialog) I felt his message was over-spammy and I told him that’s his “gimmick,” and he’s welcome to it – just admit it’s a gimmick.

Now, mere days later, I have a revere situation with @WomanistNerd, complaining about my use of old school retweets instead of Twitter’s newer method that doesn’t involve “RT” at all.  Her claim is that I am trying to get credit/followers for other people’s tweets and it’s pretty lousy of me to do so.

So here is my response to @WomanistNerd, since I vowed last week to always be upfront and honest about my Twitter intentions:

  1. I apologize for any offense.  That is never my intent.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to express your discontent; I truly appreciate it.
  3. I use Buffer and IFTTT to select 16 tweets a day from people who use the hastags “#amWriting” and “#SciFi” or “#Fantasy.”  This is a random selection, done automatically for me – because I can and technology is cool.
  4. Buffer is limited on what it can do for me and I am stuck with the old school RT.  I would prefer to do an actual RT.  The “RT @username” kills some of the messages.  🙁
  5. I don’t do it to get followers for myself – I do it because I am part of this massive circle of Twitter authors and I appreciate every RT I get.  I “do my part” by giving 16 retweets a day.  I don’t think it gets me many followers, but it does get me appreciation from those I do retweet.  Most of us Indie authors need all the publicity we can get. But that’s my motive – just being a part of our community.  My relatively low follower count shows that even if it were a selfish strategy, it’s not all that effective.  🙂
  6. @WomanistNerd, I applaud you for finding the original tweet and favoriting it.  I don’t care for favorites on my RTs.  They aren’t for me.
  7. Most of my followers come from my adding people to lists.  I search for hashtags I like/follow and add people who use them to lists so I can catch up on my off time.  The act of adding people to lists seems to get people to follow me – and the plus side is my lists get hundreds of followers.  So, again, I’m helping the community of Indie writers – but this is a little selfish for me because I do hope to get followers from it.

That’s it.  Again, I apologize for any offense.  I hope my motives are more clear, a little more altruistic than you gave me credit for, and you have a wonderful day/evening/week/weekend/life @WomanistNerd.  I appreciate the candid honesty and hope to interact with you more in the future.

EDIT:  I forgot to add:  I follow back pretty much everyone who follows me.  I unfollow people who unfollow me.  Why?  If you follow me, I return the gesture and follow you back.  You’ve expressed an interest in dialog, and I appreciate that.

If you unfollow me, you’re telling me you’re no longer interested in a dialog, or you only followed me to build your audience – and I really don’t want to be a part of that.  The community and ability for dialog is important to me, which is why 97% of my followers are followed back by me.  When I have time (which is less and less nowadays) I love seeing what my mutual Twitter friends are up to, and interacting with them.

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